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        1. History

          • 2017

            Dam Monitoring Center, Renewable Energy Integrated Control Center began operation.

          • 2016

            First two solar power plants(40MW) began operation.

          • 2015

            Wuling has assisted SPIC in acquiring 19 hydro, and wind, power plants in Australia, Brazil, and Chile.

            First two wind power plants(100MW) in Hunan began operation.

          • 2014

            Tuokou Hydropower Plant, the last hydropower plant along the Yuanshui River basin, Tuokou Hydropower Plant was commissioned, indicating the end of the cascading development of Yuanshui River.

          • 2013

            First two wind power plants (99MW) began operation.

          • 2009

            CPID took over the 63% shares of Wuling’s from SPIC.

          • 2004

            Renamed as Wuling Power Corporation Ltd.

          • 2002

            Wuling was incorporated into SPIC Group.

          • 1995

            Authorized by the State Council for the cascading development of Yuanshui River, Hunan Wuling Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. was established.

          • 1994

            Wuqiangxi Hydropower Plant was commissioned.

          • 1987

            Hunan Wuqiangxi Hydropower Engineering Construction Company was established.

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