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                Annual Fish Releasing Activity in Tuokou Hydropower Plant

                (2018-12-04) Click:355


                Tuokou Hydropower Plant (THP) launched its annual fish releasing activity in the morning of November 9, 2018. More than 300 participants witnessed the activity, including staffs from the local authorities and THP, as well as local fishermen representatives.
                In order to protect fishery resources in the reservoir area of THP and Yuanshui River, THP have held fish releasing activities for years as to promote sustainable development of local aquatic biological resources and fishery industry. Starting from 2013, THP built 6,000 to 9,000 artificial fish nests in Yuanshui River each year, and launched 6 fish releasing activities, which satisfied the national requirement on fish breeding and water ecological environment protection. Particularly, after the construction of fish-breeding facilities in 2016, THP started artificial fish breeding and research, and has put more than 700,000 rare and economic fishes into the reservoir area. All those fishery resources were breeded by THP themselves.
                Continuous fish breeding activities are highly appraised by the local government and residents, which plays an active role in enriching local fishery resources and protecting ecological balance, as well as water quality and environment protection.



                News Center

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